Valentine's Day gifts for her : Make your girl feel special

Valentine's day is coming. Now, I know that you want to make your girl feel special.

But how ? That is the main questions. 

A right gift to your girl is very important if you want to stay for longer. A gift is not just a physical thing that you will give to her.

No...No... No...

A gift is a reminder that she is yours. It make her think about you. If you gave her a right gift, she will smile just by looking at it. She will hold it and think about you and about the moment when you met her. 

But if you gave her a wrong gift, she will hold it and think why she met you. Now, it is up to you in what you want to fall in. 

So, you must have to invest your time before you select anything to give her. You have to think what she likes and what she does. It might be some hobby or some career choice or something she has been giving hints about. This is the  only and the simplest thing that you have to do. But it is probably the hardest thing because we never attention to her choices . Am I right ?

But don't worry, I am here to help you guys. Here I am listing 7 most simple gifts that you can give to your girlfriend Valentine's day. And you can afford it as well. 

A Beautiful Love Story:
                                      No....NO...No.. I am telling you to write a love story for her. Well, that is a good idea. Write her a Love story if you have writing creativity. But here I am talking about gifting her nice Romantic novel. 

Now, this may sound like a childish and very simple idea. But believe me, beauty lies into simplicity. Gift her a romantic novel and tell her what she means to you. Believe even if she is not a Novel reader , she will read it and if she truly loves you , she will read it again and again ....

A Nice Watch :
                         Watch represents time. Gift her a watch and let her her know that she owns your time. Nothing make her feel special than her boyfriend spending time with her. 

Plus, she will wear it all the time and ti will her reminding about you all the time. 

A  Valentine's Plant: 
                                What it is you ask? 
Well, it is simply an indoor plant. That you usually see in your neighbor's balcony. That's right, I am talking about the same plant. She will keep it in her balcony. She will look at it every morning. She will water it even if she is mad at you. And this plant will not let her mad at your for longer .

Creative... Right?

A Teddy Bear:
                       Everybody knows about it. It is classic Valentine's gift. So, we do not need to talk about it more .

A Ring:
             Do it only if you are ready to marry her. This is a very risky gift. A ring represents the seriousness in the relationship. If your are not at that point then do not gift a ring on Valentine's day. It simple means that you are asking her to marry you. 

Lipstick :
              I will let you know a little secret about Lipsticks. It is not a mere tool of makeup for her. It is a stamp that she wants to use only on you. She wants to marks you. She wants to let the entire world know that you are hers.

So, what are you waiting for. Gift her that stamp and let her mark her territory.

Gift her your chats:
                               Now this one is just out of the box thing. But believe me she will have tears in her eyes when you give it to her.
All you have to do is to buy a nice Photo album. Take screen shots of all the chats that you have done with her. Hire a professional photo developer. And put all the photos in the album . Do not forget to put it in series. 

She would have never read your old messages because it was too hectic. But she can read those messages just by turning the pages. It will your written Noel to her. 

So, these are the 7 gifts that you can give to her. But hey there are lots of other beautiful gifts out there. And if you know any , please put it in comment section and help your Bro. 


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